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2023 Asia Philanthropy Awards

Philanthropist of the Year

Paik Kyunghak (Executive Director of the Purme Foundation)

Mr. Paik Kyunghak founded the Purme Foundation in 2005 after realizing the shortage of rehabilitation therapy in Korea following his wife's traffic accident during his study abroad in Germany in 1998. Serving as the executive director, he has been dedicated to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities through various initiatives, including tincluding children's rehabilitation hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, and welfare centers.


Purme Foundation Nexon Children's Rehabilitation Hospital This hospital is the first integrated children's rehabilitation hospital in Korea. It provides customized treatment for children with disabilities, breaking down barriers between disabled and non-disabled individuals to contribute to the creation of an inclusive society. These innovative efforts have had a significant impact on domestic healthcare and welfare policies.


Mr. Paik Kyunghak focuses on leading private initiatives in areas where the government faces challenges, aiming to achieve results that lead to policy changes. The recently established Purme Social Farm has gained attention as an innovative employment model for individuals with developmental disabilities. This project integrates smart farming, a bakery cafe, and educational and cultural facilities, emphasizing not only job opportunities but also education and cultural activities for people with developmental disabilities. It presents a new paradigm for employment for disabled individuals in Korea.


Through the Purme Foundation, Mr. Paik Kyunghak is bringing innovative changes to the fields of domestic healthcare and employment for people with disabilities, and he is expected to continue driving significant social changes in the future.


Jeong Injo (Chairman of Global21 Co., Ltd., Honorary Chairman of the Bucheon Hope Foundation)

Mr. Jeong Injo has made significant contributions to promoting a healthier local community and Korean society through dedicated philanthropic activities and donations. Recognizing the need for local foundations in addressing community issues, he led the establishment of the Bucheon Hope Foundation, the first regional foundation in Gyeonggi Province, and the Korean Regional Foundation Association.


While serving as an adjunct professor at Soongsil University, he recognized the importance of fundraising and donations. He played a key role in establishing fundraising and donations as a regular course, and he has been at the forefront of cultivating future generations and promoting a culture of giving. As a member of the board of directors of Hanshin University, he enacted the first conflict of interest prevention regulations for a private school in Korea, working to improve transparency in university operations and fulfilling the role of a socially responsible university.


Mr. Jeong Injo set a life vision and acrion plan in his early 40s with the goal of donating more than half of his accumulated wealth to support areas in need within the local and Korean societies. He has already donated over 2.3 billion won and aims to continue practicing philanthropy with the goal of donating 3 billion won, including legacy donations.



The Blue Tree Foundation

The Blue Tree Foundation is a youth NGO established with the goal of preventing and eradicating school violence. Over its 28-year history, the foundation has taken the lead in various initiatives to address the issue of school violence, working to raise awareness and prevent of school violence through various programs for school violence victims and their families.


The foundation has contributed to the social discourse on school violence and played a role in the enactment of laws, influencing the establishment of a comprehensive system for preventing and responding to school violence. It operates the first school violence counseling hotline in Korea, providing professional counseling and healing. Through diverse programs such as surveys, preventive education, and the training of on-site experts, the Blue Tree Foundation has been a pioneer in school violence prevention.


The Blue Tree foundation actively engages with the international community to address the issue of school violence globally. In 2009, it was granted special consultative status by the UN Economic and Social Council, presenting statements at UN conferences and hosting side events to encourage international cooperation on addressing school violence. The foundation's efforts and achievements are recognized as a positive example of social efforts to address the problem of school violence.


The Best Fundraiser of the Year

Kim Hyojin (Secretary-General of the Social Welfare Community Fundraising Association, Gyeonggi Branch)

Mr. Kim Hyojin has worked for 24 years at the Community Chest of Korea, playing a crucial role in developing fundraising brands and systematizing fundraising programs to lead Korea's fundraising culture.


During his time as the the public relations manager, He developed the symbol of love, the "Temperature Top of Love," which became a representative icon of sharing. He also contributed to the development of the Honor Society's local representative and club system, promoting the growth of the Honor Society.


Mr. Kim Hyojin actively promoted personal high-value donations of over 1 billion won in the Korean nonprofit sector, establishing systems for major gifts. In addition to the Honor Society, he has developed fundraising brands representing the Community Chest, such as Love Thermometer, Legacy Club, Donor Leaders, Donor Leader's Club, Customized Donor Fund, and Leading a prestigious company in Philanthropy. The development and systematization of fundraising brands has helped to stabilize and expand fundraising by creating an environment where fundraising staff can standardize their skills and secure sustainable fundraising resources. This has had a significant impact on improving the quality of non-profit fundraising programs.


In 2016, he collaborated with the United Way Worldwide (UWW) to introduce Korea's outstanding fundraising practices at the UWW conference in Vancouver, Canada. Subsequently, as part of the Ministry of Health and Welfare's ODA cooperation project, he signed a business agreement with Mongolia and conducted various lecture activities, contributing to the development of Asian philanthropic culture.




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